Lucaya Village


Package Policies and Procedures

Only the owner (recipient) of the package may pick it up at the Front Desk. In the case of another person going to pick up the package on behalf of the package's owner (recipient), an expressed authorization has to be sent to In both cases, it is necessary to provide an ID and sign in the Lucaya Club House Package Book.

The fees PER PACKAGE from March 1st, 2018 are:

  • 10 days: no charge
  • 11-20 days: $5.00
  • 21-30 days: $10.00

  • We will return to the sender all packages stored at the Front Desk for more than 30 days.

    - Oversized packages (if the total of the 3 biggest dimensions exceeds 65 inches): $5.00
    - Limit up to 20 packages picked up each time: $1.00 per package over limit
    - Overweight packages (more than 44 lbs): $5.00
    - Lucaya Village is NOT responsible for any missing packages
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